I first discovered my love for fashion at an early age. At just 3 years old I threw a fit because of the shoes my mother picked out for me to wear to the hospital where she was set to give birth to my little sister. It was then when my family realized I was a special child. Over the years I've realized that fashion is more than just piecing clothes together that match. It is a culmination of expression, confidence, life, energy, desire, and passion that allows one to have the courage to showcase their feelings with their appearance. What appeals to you may not appeal to someone else and that is perfectly fine because the beauty of fashion lies in its power to be unapologetically free with expression without approval from anyone. 

Dress and appearance is a vital aspect of my life. The way I present myself affects future relationships, partnerships, and connections therefore, I choose to express myself with the utmost professionalism, decency, and class. God has gifted me with the ability to visualize exemplary fashion combinations and translate them into reality to share them with the world and therefore, I want to be a blessing to others with my gift.

I've always loved fashion and now I want to help you.